My computer is fucked... I think.

My computer has been going crazy lately... so you might not see me online for a while. :(


The big update!

So I have a bit a free time and I'm gonna use it to get as much stuff updated as possible. The pictures uploaded all crazy too, so sorry about that. >_< I'll try harder next time!

Lets start with Xmas 2008

So the holiday was long but enjoyable. If you look closely you'll see the exact moment in which I ran out of money and started buying people really strange gifts.

I didn't get my brother towels... that was mom. But i got him inflatable toast. No household is complete without inflatable toast.

Those jelly beans just happen to be the WORLDS most expensive jelly beans. (I think)

I don't know if Masa, a friend from Japan, expected gifts or not but we had some ready for him! I got him an MP3 player that has a radio and it can record the radio too! Pretty cool!

If you look closely you'll see the look of terror on my sisters face and she knows that Jimi gets to take that keyboard home. LOL

I'll post later the specifics of everything or just ask me about the pictures. lol. Its a funny story how we got Jimi to get excited about socks and underwear. (he should... he has YEARS of socks, underwear, flashlights, and the occasional jar of honey to come.)


OU lost!

I mean... I don't care who won or lost.. but thats what happened I guess. lol OU is my schools rival... I think, so I should be happy? Whatever~

But the party we had to watch the game was very entertaining. A lot of good friends showed up and I got to see Daniel and Amanda's baby Naomi again! :) she's so cute! Naomi is also a urine machine at the moment. lol

Anyway, just wanted to clarify on the intarwebs that I'm not angry at anyway, I was acting strange last night because I spent most of yesterday morning throwing up the 30+ cups of tea I had two days ago at tea time. It was worth the pain by the way. lol. But today I'm back in tip top shape. I'm about to hit the gym then the studio and then work. :) I hope today goes better than the rest of 2009.




Happy New Years!!

So far 2009 has sucked.

That being said I'm going to try to blog more this year. Maybe you can see why 2009 sucks so much or watch it get better. Who knows? I but I hope to get into soon! I've already started charging my camera.

A quick update: Important members of my family are dying and or severally damaged. :( I've started having strange daymares (if thats a word?). Within 20 ago I fell in love with two new kinds of tea. (Golden Buddha and Lotus Tea).

I feel a lot of new things are about to happen. Whether I want them too or not.

:: sighs :: Well I'm off to clean house before guests arrive.



Snowflake Choler

So... Where do I begin?
The semester has finally collapsed in on itself. I managed to make it out with a photo (literally) finish. I have two more classes left to teach at the Multi Arts Center. And I'm completely worn out. My hands ache a lot and my skin is dry and cracked. My feet are calloused and my back is filled with pain. But so far, its all been worth it. I ended the semester with a personal studio, a kick wheel (which I made) and an electric kiln on the way. I'd say I did okay.

My jobs have so far been okay, but at one... we have a little issue. Its one of those day crew night crew issues. Where the day crew has no idea what the night crew does so they assume the worst and vise versa. But the manager of the department (who obviously is the queen bee of the day crew) seems to use ridiculous means to try and prove a point. For example: I was just written up for not filling in a zone hole and checking it on the closing check list. So let me explain what filling a zone hole means. Its when we have a special table with books all over them for sale.
well if we run out of one, we have to replace it with another book so that the table looks full all the time. But, the book has to follow the sale, it can't just be a random book that we think will sell. So if you don't have anymore books to fill the holes you have to arrange whats there to even it out. So ... a zone hole can almost be any variable as long as the table is missing a book. It could also mean that if the books gone, you can keep the same amount of books on the table yet make it look like its not suppose to have another book. Does that makes sense to anyone?
Now for the closing checklist. This is a list we've had to mark off every night for the past year and a half I've worked at this book store. Its a simple list of chores and areas of interest that we are suppose to clean/arrange/straighten and then check off. Yet, we get in trouble if we clean an area then go check it off before going back to clean another area. They say that takes up to much time. So we do whats logical, close everything down the way we were trained (if you were lucky enough to get trained) and then check everything off the list. Does that not make sense to you? Well I check a box of a job that does itself and got in trouble for it.

This is how the Lich Queen runs her paper kingdom.

:: sighs ::
Okay, I feel better.



I'm appalled. Its hard to explain how unbelievably confused and angry I am right now. So I'll just explain what happened and let you figure it out for yourself.

Today I went to my sculpture class, since my teacher has okay'd my revised sculpture plans (which make my sculpture literally just a box) I have a lot of free time in the class. So I asked if I could either go to ceramics and work or work on my wood sculpture. After a rather embarrassing response, the professor sent me on my way to work on my wood sculpture.

My wood sculpture is a set of wooden rings glued together. I'm currently using an air dremel to remove the hard edges and to shape the piece.
An air dremel is like a flux shaft but its powered by compressed air. At the VAA ("the lab/studio") we hook it up to our air line from the building. Because I'm removing so much of the wood I'm using the roughest bit we have.

This isn't the bit I was using, but its similar. I was using one that looked like this but it wasn't smooth, its covered in metal chunks all with sharp edges. Anyway, it takes a long time to dremel the wood just how I need it, and because of the vibrations and the lengthy use my hands become sore and tire quickly. Which my goggles on and a dust mask protecting my mouth, I begin to dremel away. Going over the surface of the wood and the edges to make sure I can get the ridges that I want. The air dremel, when in use, makes a load whistling noise from the air escaping through the internal chambers. It sounds just like a dentists drill (as they are both forms of air powered rotary tools and pretty much the same thing). So I also put headphones in while I work.

While I was working on this woodsculpture I feel something hit my foot. I didn't think anything of it. Then a piece of clay hit my leg and another one collides into the side of the dremel tool. Which is then jerked out of my hand, but thankfully it didn't roll down either of my arms or legs. As that would have completely shredded the first few layers of skin. When I was in 3D foundations I had an air dremel jerk off a scultpure I was working on and roll up my thumb and over my right hand. It was terrible, and as its just a bunch of little abbrasions, the amount of them was were the real pain came from.

When I looked up to see who could have been so unaware what they were doing, the entire class was playing the "lets pretend we didn't see anything" game. Without saying anything I just cleaned up my mess and left class immediately.

Maybe i'm over reacting. But ... you just don't throw something at someone whose using a power tool. It doesn't matter what kind of power tool either. I don't know who threw the clay, or if it was several people, all I know is that they should have known better. Where's the common sense?

Am I wrong?