Starting The Day Any Other Way Would Be An Ignominious Way Of Starting A Day

So this morning at 8:30am I awoke in a quiet dream like state. My apartment looked as though it was filled with a thick sparkling substance, orange in color due to the rising sun and closed blinds I'm sure. It filled me with joy and comfort. However I didn't stay awake to enjoy it; I was lulled back to sleep. Later about 10:55 I rose to the soundtrack of SaGa Frontier. A new album I got yesterday.
I had a wonderful little breakfast today. Of cereal, toast and jam, and some wonderful exotic green tea! (Complements of Ms. Jade). Let me show you:
The breakfast started out with the toast getting so excited about the jam that it nearly hit the ceiling when it was done. As you can see it landed on top of the toaster. I in fact was so surprised by it I thought that I had already taken the toast out and laid it on top of the toaster. Either way it was a funny site to see in the morning. As the toast was preparing for take off I had placed my table (my drawing/painting table with a table cloth over it now). Got some cereal out and a few fig cakes for after breakfast to have with my tea. I haven't had a sit down breakfast in a long time, and I think I'll start having one every morning. Which means I have to wake up about 30 minutes before school starts. Which in theory isn't at all a bad thing, but can I do it? The tea I had was from a little shoppe here in town, a rather expensive one at that. The brand is called "Tea Forté" As you can see it comes in small silk pyramids made to sit in the bottom of your cup and steep. However, I have a deeper cup than they expected so I have to hang it from the side. Yet, great tea all the same. The one I had today was called "Green Tango"
"A green tea with mango and sweet orange finale"

It was an all around good start.

Tea Forté


A New Pic!


A lite dinner.




Today I finally got to go out to my studio and get some work done. It was a really nice day, and heres why:

I started my day off with getting to sleep in! Which really made me feel good, because I didn't get off work the night before until 5:30am. The Sunday paper is always an adventure and right now we have all these new customers (almost 10 new every night!). Either way, I slept in and then went to lunch with Jade. We went to 'Bills Catfish... Place'. Okay, I forget what it was called but its pretty good. However, the wait staff there is very strange. Either they are always new, or they have no skill at all with managing several tables at once. It was pretty amazing the things our waitress forgot to do. But after is was all said and awkwardly done the meal was great. I had the cajun chicken (grilled) and the shrimp (fried) with a salad and mashed potatoes. Jade had the lemon pepper grilled chicken. Its a quaint little restaurant. After that I headed out to the lab.
When I arrived at the lab I was pretty shocked to see that I had beat Jade there. This being really rare I called her to make sure she was okay. Haha, its that rare that I was worried. She was okay, in fact she was doing some shopping! When she arrive at the lab she gave me a wonderful gift! I have been needing a new bag since my older one (a gift from my friend Gloria who bought it in Taiwan!) was ruined in a flood. I really like this bag mainly because it was a gift, and not just because I needed it, but because I know that Jade bought it because she knew it would make me feel better. (And she was right!) Jade is a really magnanimous person. I can't wait for school to start so I can really show off my new bag to all those other students who better not have the same bag! Well, even if they do, it wont be as special. ^__^;;

After the awarding was done, I began a slow day of mild productivity. I tried my hardest to work on as many things as I could and finish as many projects as I could before I had to go home and get ready for work. I feel that I did at least finish and create three really nice vessels today. I'll show you the pictures of them now:


Why The People Below Me Should Die (of natural causes, as soon as possible)

Every night this week, the people in the apartment below me have been playing LOUD, LOUD, LOUD rap music. Not that I don't like rap music, its just that i don't want to hear their horrible rap music every night from 9pm-1:30am. It really gets bothersome. I know that the family below me consist of an older man and woman, and lately I think their son (looks like hes in his 20s) has been living with them. I believe it is the son that is responsible for the horrible music. Also, this blue firebird has been showing up lately, and when its here this Hispanic girl seems to be floating around the apartments here. Once she knocked on my door (a lot...) and when I answered she laughed and said she had the wrong apartment. there are only 4 apartments here.. I fail to see how she could have made a mistake.. In that the party she was looking for was sitting outside their apartment. So, it is in my humble opinion that they should pass on by rushed natural causes. Like a bolide.

Clay, Cleaning, and a Kid.

Today... I've spend the morning cleaning my house and will continue to do so as its a horrible mess. After that I have to pick up my nephew and watch him until midnight, which isn't a problem, he's a good kid. I'll be taking him to my studio, I'll work on some of my sculptures while he plays around outside and with some clay. I like taking him to the lab with me, I think its good for all kids to get exposed to the arts as soon as they are ready and willing. Maybe I can get him to make something on his own this time. Last time he was there he made a house (in which I put all the walls up and he attacked it, giving it texture and as my professor calls it, variation). Either way, I think he enjoys it.
I'll try to post pictures of my work today, I'll take some new ones of the work I'm doing as well. And hey! Who knows, I might do a watercolor tonight and post it tomorrow! ^__^;

Well, I need to get back to cleaning!


So I didn't get a chance to go out to the lab today. Jimi wasn't ready for the lab, due to the fact that if he throws a fit in the lab his chance of destroying very expensive things are high. So I've decided to play it save and keep him at home. Thus, I have cleaned my apartment! Just a few things left, at which I'll wait for his departure to finish.

Possibly I could start work on a painting. I've been playing videogames in between cleaning. I was playing ChuChu Rocket and Metroid fusion. I've beaten ChuChu and now I'm nearing the end of Metroid.



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